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The benefits of GA4

By George (Digital Strategist)
By George (Digital Strategist)

Google is implementing GA4 for all users despite the fact that it is not yet complete by removing Universal Analytics. It is rumoured that GA4 will be more advanced in the future, and will specifically:

Added machine learning mechanisms to the user action data model, resulting in an enhanced view of the consumer journey and event log.

As cookies are eliminated, compliance with the new privacy data is required.

Implementing novel functionalities that enhance the quality of the data.

Eliminate infrequently utilised features from Universal Analytics.

Integration with BigQuery at no cost, a feature that was previously exclusive to premium users of Universal Analytics 360.

Why implementations are necessary?

According to a recent update provided by the Google support team, it has come to our attention that up to 40% of conversions are already being lost in Universal Analytics.

Furthermore, the conversion distribution exhibits significant failures. This corruption and loss of data impacts all advertising campaigns, but particularly those that employ intelligent bidding strategies.

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